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Are You Seeing Dots... Print
Well you should be.

Check out our newest product, colorful slices of glass that can be used to embelish any fused design.  They come in all the colors of the rainbow. (and more)

Tomato Red Dots D0024 - Made from Bullseye Glass  Orange Dots D0125 - Made from Bullseye Glass Pumpkin Orange Dots D0321 - Made from Bullseye Glass Golden Green Dots D0227 - Made from Bullseye Glass

Spring Green Dots D0126  Dark Forest Green Dots D0141 Teal Green Dots D0144 Mint Green Dots D0112

Steel Blue Dots D0146  Turquoise Blue Dots D1116 Cobalt Blue Dots D0114 Neo-Lavender Shift Dots D0142

Decorate your flatware or add flourish to your mosaics.

Even combine them with our murrine or zafrinco cane.

Dots come in COE 90 and COE 96.