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Spring is here and things are coming up green. Including us!

As of February 2016 our shop utilizes renewable energy. This means all our electricity comes from green sources such as geothermal, solar, and wind power. Our commitment to lessening our impact on the environment also includes reducing the amount of time any kiln, torch, or furnace must be on and using the smallest and most efficient equipment necessary for the task at hand.We have developed new processes and proprietary equipment that save over 90% energy compared with the traditional methods used in other studios.



 Yellow Star Millefiori - 90 COE - 12102 Smiley Face Murrine 19101 - Made from Bullseye Glass
Maple Leaf Murrini 7104 - Made from Bullseye GlassFox Millefiori - 90 COE - 50101Peach Millefiori - 90 COE - 44101


     Ladybug Millefiori - 90 COE - 23101