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6 New Fusible Murrine styles - All COE 90 Print

We have six new murrine ready to be made into beautiful art. Made from only Bullseye glass - COE 90 - as usual. Let us know what you think!

Chinese Bellflower Murrini 1103

 Chinese Bellflower Murrine 1103 FusedChinese Bellflower Murrini 1104 Half Ounce
Chinese Bellflower Murrine 1104 Fused
 Clematis Murrini 9101 Half Ounce Clematis Murrine 9101 Fused Heart Murrini 2102 Half Ounce Heart Murrine 2102 Fused
 Heart Murrini 2201 Half Ounce Heart Murrine 2201 Fused Sun Murrini 10101 Half Ounce Sun Murrine 10101 Fused




0 #1 lina shen 2010-11-25 22:50 hey, thank you for all of the glass, and happy thanksgiving!!! Quote