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6 New COE 90 Glass Murrini Styles Print

New murrini made with Bullseye glass, including Snowflakess, Star, pink Hearts, and a few warm transparent flowers! Bullseye's Fusible COE90 as usual.

Star Murrini 12101 Half Ounce

  Star Murrine 12101 fused  Snowflake Murrini 11101 Half Ounce
 Snowflake Murrine 11101 fused
 Heart Murrini 2204 Half Ounce  Heart Murrine 2204 fused   Clematis Murrini 9102 Half Ounce  Clematis Murrine 9102 fused
 Cape Jasmine Murrini 6104 Half Ounce  Cape Jasmine Murrine 6104 fused  Cape Jasmine Murrini 6103 Half Ounce  Cape Jasmine Murrine 6103 fused




0 #1 kathy 2013-03-28 10:13 I love this product. Very versatile, Good quality. Quote