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New Free Gifts in Stock Print

We love our customers!  And we have new free gifts just to prove it.

We have special run murrine and special run cane:

Free Gifts COE 96  Free Gifts COE 90 

Available while supplies last.
Free gifts come in both COE 96 & COE 90.


Introducing NEW Dots Assortments… Print
We have added an exciting new product to our website.  NEW Dots Assortments.  Available July 1st.
Pick a flavor…
Minty Dots ASRT-D-MT - Made with Bullseye Glass Berry Dots ASRT-D-BR - Made with Bullseye Glass Sobet Dots ASRT-D-SB - Made with Bullseye Glass
Minty Dots contain the colors:
Aventurine Green, Jade Green, Mint Green, Teal Green
Berry Dots contain the colors:
Pink, Tomato Red, Steel Blue, Gold Purple
Sorbet Dots contain the colors:
Canary Yellow, Orange, Light Cyan, Neo-Lavender Shift

Or decorate your creations with the colors of the elements.
Earth & Sky Dots ASRT-D-ES Fire & Water Dots ASRT-D-FW

Assorted Dots Earth & Sky contain the colors:
Black, French Vanilla, Clear, Woodland Brown, Deco Grey, Turquoise Blue
Assorted Dots Fire & Water contain the colors:
Red Transparent, Pumpkin Orange, Powder Blue, Cobalt Blue, Deep Cobalt Blue, Egyptian Blue


Zanfirico Cane Print
Glacial Art Glass cane is inspired by traditional Italian Glassblowing. Made with 100% Bullseye glass, using special techniques to minimize heatwork and preserve compatibility with COE 90 glasses.
Spring Green and French Vanilla Striped Cane C110 Turquoise and French Vanilla Striped Cane C106 Fuscia and French Vanilla Striped Cane C108 Marigold and French Vanilla Striped Cane C102
Turquoise, Marigold, and White Streamer Cane C326 Pink, Turquoise and White Streamer Cane C323 Fuscia, Midnight Blue, and White Streamer Cane C325 Marigold, Kelly Green, and White Streamer Cane C324
Aventurine Green and Spring Green Ribbon Cane C231 Nougat and Teal Striped Ribbon Cane C429 Pink and Red Ribbon Cane C203 Pumpkin Yellow and Teal Striped Ribbon Cane C428
Kelly Green and French Vanilla Striped Cane C103 Cyan Ribbon Cane C215 Fuscia and Spring Green Ribbon Cane C232 Marigold Streamer Cane C322

How To Use:

You can get a variety of fusing results by setting up your base glass differently. Try these techniques and others to find out what you like best:

  1. 6mm flat base (two layers of 3mm sheet). Place cane on top and full fuse.
  2. 3mm base. Place cane on top with 6mm glass rod sections filling the spaces between. Full fuse.
  3. Use sheet glass strips instead of 6mm rod to fill the space between canes. Full Fuse.
  4. Single 3mm sheet base. Place the cane on top and full fuse.

Technique No. 1 is recommended for Striped Cane  (C100 series cane)
Techniques No. 2 and 3 are recommended for Ribbon Cane (C200 series cane)
Any technique is recommended for Streamer Cane (C300 series) but results will vary with each technique.


New Murrine Designs : Beach Party Print

It’s finally here – the sun!  Check out our newest murrine styles – designed to commemorate the summer months. 

Make something playful with our new beach balls.  Celebrate freedom with a flying kite.  

Beach Ball Millefiori - 90 COE - 46101 Beach Ball Millefiori - 96 COE - 46101-96 Kite Millefiori - 90 COE - 45101 Kite Millefiori - 96 COE - 45101-96

Relax in your flip flops – but watch out for crabs!
Flip Flops Millefiori - 90 COE - 48101 Flip Flops Millefiori - 96 COE - 48101-96 Crab Millefiori - 90 COE - 47101 Crab Millefiori - 96 COE - 47101-96

All our new beach designs are available in coe 90 and coe 96.


New Murrine Designs : Happy Holidays Print

We have crisp new styles for decorating your winter gifts.

Gingerbread Man Murrine - 90 COE - 41101  Present Murrine - 90 COE - 42101  Holly Murrine - 90 COE - 43101


And don’t forget our original favorites for the holiday season.

Snowflakes Millefiori - 90 COE - 11101  Peppermint Millefiori - 90 COE - 13101  Christmas Tree Millefiori - 90 COE - SP14101  Peppermint Twist Murrine 13102 - Made from Bullseye Glass


*Available in both coe 90 & coe 96.

For more coe 90 styles, click here.

For more coe 96 styles, click here.


New Murrine Designs : Monster Mash Print

Halloween is early.  Start your ghoulish creations now.

We've got creepy critters ...

Spider Millefiori - 90 COE - 36101  Bat Millefiori - 90 COE - 37101

supernatural friends ...

Frankenstein Millefiori - 90 COE - 38101  Mummy Millefiori - 90 COE - 39101

and sinister grins.

Jack-o'-lantern Millefiori - 90 COE - 40101  Skull Millefiori - 90 COE - 20101

Are You Seeing Dots... Print
Well you should be.

Check out our newest product, colorful slices of glass that can be used to embelish any fused design.  They come in all the colors of the rainbow. (and more)

Tomato Red Dots D0024 - Made from Bullseye Glass  Orange Dots D0125 - Made from Bullseye Glass Pumpkin Orange Dots D0321 - Made from Bullseye Glass Golden Green Dots D0227 - Made from Bullseye Glass

Spring Green Dots D0126  Dark Forest Green Dots D0141 Teal Green Dots D0144 Mint Green Dots D0112

Steel Blue Dots D0146  Turquoise Blue Dots D1116 Cobalt Blue Dots D0114 Neo-Lavender Shift Dots D0142

Decorate your flatware or add flourish to your mosaics.  Even combine them with our murrine or zafrinco cane.

All our Dots are made with 100% Bullseye glass.


New Murrine Designs: Creature Feature Print

Check out our newest Murrine designs...

We have creatures from the land, sea and sky.

Ladybug Millefiori - 96 COE - 23101-96  Sea Turtle Millefiori - 90 COE - 26101 Sea Turtle Millefiori - 90 COE - 26101 Owl Millefiori - 90 COE -24101

Decorate your garden themed pieces with butterflies and bumble bees.

Butterfly Murrini - 96 COE - 5203-96 Bee Millefiori 22101 Half Ounce

For ocean art make waves with dolphins and whales.

Dolphin Millefiori - 90 COE - 25101  Whale Millefiori - 90 COE - 27101

Most of our lovely creatures come in COE 90 and COE 96.

Starfish Millefiori - 96 COE - 32101-96    Starfish Millefiori - 90 COE - 32101

Murrini styles! COE96 Print

New 96 murrine styles are available online. More coming soon!

Angel Millefiori - 96 COE  Half Ounce

 Butterfly Murrini - 96 COE - 5203-96 Half Ounce  Cape Jasmine Murrini - 96 COE - 6104-96  Half Ounce
 Orange Cape Jasmine Millefiori - 96 COE - 6103-96  Half Ounce  Maple Leaf Millefiori - 96 COE - 7103-96  Half Ounce  Ladybug Millefiori - 96 COE - 23101-96  Half Ounce

Hip to be Square Millefiori - 96 COE - SQ08-96  Half Ounce

 Green Heart Millefiori - 96 COE - 2201-96  Half Ounce  Green Alien Millefiori - 96 COE - 18101-96 Half Ounce
 Chinese Bellflower Millefiori - 96 COE - 1103-96  Smiley Face Millefiori - 96 COE - 19101-96  Half Ounce  Owl Millefiori - 96 COE - 24101-96 Half Ounce

 For even more styles, check out our complete list .


More murrini styles! COE90 Print

11 new murrine styles are available online. More coming soon!

Hip to be Square Murrini SQ02 Half Ounce

 Hip to be Square Murrini SQ03 Half Ounce Hip to be Square Murrini SQ04 Half Ounce
 Hip to be Square Murrini SQ05 Half Ounce Star Murrini 12104 Half Ounce Star Murrini 12103 Half Ounce

Star Murrini 12102 Half Ounce

  Peppermint Twist Murrini 13101 Half Ounce Hip to be Square Murrini SQ01 Half Ounce
 Christmas Tree Murrini SP14101 Slices Chinese Bellflower Murrini 1105 Half Ounce 


6 New COE 90 Glass Murrini Styles Print

New murrini made with Bullseye glass, including Snowflakess, Star, pink Hearts, and a few warm transparent flowers! Bullseye's Fusible COE90 as usual.

Star Murrini 12101 Half Ounce

  Star Murrine 12101 fused  Snowflake Murrini 11101 Half Ounce
 Snowflake Murrine 11101 fused
 Heart Murrini 2204 Half Ounce  Heart Murrine 2204 fused   Clematis Murrini 9102 Half Ounce  Clematis Murrine 9102 fused
 Cape Jasmine Murrini 6104 Half Ounce  Cape Jasmine Murrine 6104 fused  Cape Jasmine Murrini 6103 Half Ounce  Cape Jasmine Murrine 6103 fused


More small murrini styles! COE90 Print

Delightfully small murrini now available in 11 new styles! 

Star Murrini Small 12101S Quarter Ounce
 Snowflake Murrini Small 11101S Quarter Ounce  Maple Leaf Murrini Small 7101S Quarter Ounce
 Heart Murrini Small 2204S Quarter Ounce Fish Murrini Small 3101S Quarter Ounce Dog Print Murrini Small 4101S Quarter Ounce
 Clematis Murrini Small 9102S Quarter Ounce Chinese Bellflower Murrini Small 1101S Quarter Ounce Cape Jasmine Murrini Small 6104S Quarter Ounce
 Cape Jasmine Murrini Small 6103S Quarter Ounce Butterfly Murrini Small 5101S Quarter Ounce 



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