Fused Glass Tips and Tutorials

We've put together a library of tip sheets to help you make the most out of your Glacial Art Glass supplies. Each sheet focuses on one of our products and some of the ways they can be used, or an exploration of a single technique using all of our products.

We also have a small selection of tutorials featuring Glacial Art Glass products - these can be followed step by step, or be used as a jumping off point of inspiration for your next project! All of our fused glass art tutorials are intended for flat fusing on a kiln shelf.

Murrine Fusing Tip Sheet -

In this tip sheet, we take you through a few basic methods of fusing murrine to sheet glass, from a simple full fuse to using a clear "cap" to magnify the design.


Tack Fuse Tip Sheet -

In this tip sheet, we explore the effects of fusing murrine, dots, frit balls, cane, and stringfetti at temperatures ranging from 1375°F to 1500°F.


Frit Casting with Murrine Tip Sheet -cast glass pendants with murrine inside

In this tip sheet, we run through the basics of how to make pendants with ceramic glass molds, frit, and murrine


Candy Cane Christmas Tree Ornament -

A simple fused glass project using peppermint striped cane and sheet glass, with snowflake murrine embellishments.


Snowy Landscape Ornament -

A fused glass project using powdered frit and a stencil to make a winter landscape decorated with star murrine.



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