Fused Glass Tips and Tutorials

Make the most out of your Glacial Art Glass supplies! We've put together a collection of tips, tricks, and advice for fusing glass, for beginners and old hands alike. Most of our fused glass art tutorials are intended for flat fusing on a kiln shelf.

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Tip Sheets

New! How to Use Precut Glass Bails in Fused Glass Art -

Several techniques and notes on using our precut glass bails in your next piece.


Microwave Kiln Basics / Before You Buy -

Two small microwave kilns and one large microwave kiln

Everything you need to know before using a microwave kiln for the first time, from basic safety advice and beyond.


Microwave Kiln Advanced Tips and Tricks -

Become an expert with advanced microwave kiln tips, like tack/contour fusing and annealing.


Murrine Fusing Tip Sheet -

Learn techniques for fusing murrine to sheet glass, from a simple full fuse to using a clear "cap" to magnify the design.


Tack Fuse Tip Sheet -

Explore the effects of fusing our murrine, dots, frit balls, cane, and stringfetti at temperatures ranging from 1375°F to 1500°F.


Frit Casting with Murrine Tip Sheet -

cast glass pendants with murrine inside

Learn how to make pendants with ceramic glass molds, using frit and murrine.



Murrine Earrings with Microwave Kiln -

Learn to make adorable earrings with our murrine in the microwave kiln.


Candy Cane Christmas Tree Ornament -

A simple fused glass project using peppermint striped cane and sheet glass, with snowflake murrine embellishments.


Snowy Landscape Ornament -

A fused glass project using powdered frit and a stencil to make a winter landscape decorated with star murrine.



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