Precut Fusible Glass Christmas Trees, Set of 6 Designs - 2 Sizes Available - COE 90 Bullseye Aventurine Green

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Discover our set of six precut Aventurine Green fusible glass Christmas trees – ideal for fused glass art and made from Bullseye compatible COE 90 glass. Each set contains 6 different designs and are available in both 1.5" tall and 3" tall sizes.

Crafted with precision, these trees add elegance and sparkle to your holiday creations. The vibrant green hue and versatile size make them perfect for ornaments, sculptures, mosaics, and more. Don't forget to use our new fusible glass bails for hanging!

From the artists at Glacial Art Glass:
"The ornaments pictured were fused in a small kiln at 1380°F using the top elements. I had a lot of fun decorating each one and trying out all of our different glass embellishments! It's hard to pick a favorite, but the little tree decorated with our Holiday Celebration frit blend and capped off with a yellow star murrine to attach the bail is just delightful."



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