Precut Fusible Glass Bails for Hanging Art - COE 90 Bullseye Clear Glass - Pack of 5/Pack of 20

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Introducing our COE 90 Precut Glass Bails – the ultimate solution for easy hanging without the need for drilling. Elevate (no pun intended!) your glass creations with unparalleled ease and versatility. Choose between a pack of 5 bails or a pack of 20 bails.

These ingenious hoops are designed to fuse seamlessly onto your glass art, creating a convenient loop for effortless display. Enjoy a simplified process that saves time and preserves the integrity of your creations.

Our precut glass bails are a reliable and durable solution, giving you the confidence to showcase your art in any setting. Hanging your creations becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on the art itself rather than the logistics of display.

Don't miss out on the simplicity and versatility these precut glass bails bring to your fused glass projects! Explore, create, and let your imagination flourish with our Precut Glass Bails.



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