C428 Pumpkin Yellow and Teal Striped Ribbon Cane COE 90 Glass

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Glacial Art Glass C428 Pumpkin Yellow and Teal Striped Ribbon Cane. Inspired by traditional Italian Glassblowing.

Made with 100% Bullseye glass, using special techniques to minimize heatwork and preserve compatibility with COE 90 glasses.

  • Each hand-pulled 12" cane is 4 to 7 mm in diameter, consistent from end to end (less than 1mm variation in diameter for any single piece). Great for any project, they can be cut to just the right size.
  • "Shorts" include 12 sections of 2 and 1/2 inches each. 
  • Samples include three 2 inch cane sections.

Samples and shorts may vay a bit more in diameter and twist frequency. These are great for smaller projects, or if you need a variety of thicknesses. Also, torchworkers can quickly heat and pull the cane thinner. Attach a mandrell or glass rod to each end and you are ready make thin twisties.

 How To Use:

You can get a variety of fusing results by setting up your base glass differently. Try these techniques and others to find out what you like best:

  1. 6mm flat base (two layers of 3mm sheet). Place cane on top and full fuse.
  2. 3mm base. Place cane on top with 6mm glass rod sections filling the spaces between. Full fuse.
  3. Use sheet glass strips instead of 6mm rod to fill the space between canes. Full Fuse.
  4. Single 3mm sheet base. Place the cane on top and full fuse.
Technique No. 1 is recommended for Striped Cane  (C100 series cane)
Techniques No. 2 and 3 are recommended for Ribbon Cane (C200 series cane)
Any technique is recommended for Streamer Cane (C300 series) but results will vary with each technique.



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