Versaguide Pro Glass Cutting Kit - All Accessories in One Bundle!

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Versaguide Pro Glass Cutting Kit: The Triad of Productivity, Accuracy, and Simplicity

Introducing the Versaguide Pro Kit – the ultimate solution for enhancing your productivity, ensuring repeatable accuracy, and simplifying your workflow. Designed for both professionals and hobbyists, this kit is the perfect companion for any glass cutting project that demands excellence.

Select Your Precision Tool:

    12" Standard Versaguide (VG12): Tailored for cutting glass sheets up to 12 inches tall and as wide as a full size art glass sheet, this tool boosts your productivity without sacrificing accuracy.
    21" Large Versaguide (VG21): Made to cut full size art glass sheets up to 21 inches tall, it delivers unmatched efficiency and precision.

Maximize Your Output with Smart Accessories (click on links to learn more):

    Rubber Fingers: For extra grip
    Angle Stops: Achieve accurate angles quickly and consistently.
    Space Keys: Quickly set consistent spacing with minimal effort

New! - Extra Large VG Scoring Mat: The best scoring surface available, now available at 24 x 68 inches. Can be cut to the perfect size for your table.  


The Versaguide Pro Kit combines precision engineering with user-friendly designs, making professional-quality work accessible to everyone. Whether you're a craft enthusiast or a pro, this kit is designed for straightforward, effective use. Step into a world where precision meets ease with the Versaguide Pro Kit!


"I just want to say again how much I love your system. I use it for so many of my pieces. You created a great product. In my “day job” I’m an aerospace engineer so I was trying to come up with some kind of jig to do what your tool does. I bought two different sizes of Versaguides the moment I found them. Thanks again for the excellent customer service!"

- Kristin M.

"The Versaguide Adjustable Speedguide Glass Cutting System is so unbelievable easy and is so multifunctional! Over the years, I have collected about every Glass cutting tool out there [...] The Versaguide easily replaces all those. On a side note - this vendor goes beyond in customer service. I had a few snags with my first order and the vendor worked with me to make things right and then some. "

- Charmaine H.



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