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We tested many different materials to find out what makes the best glass scoring mat. After years of use, we strongly recommend a common type of Yoga mat for cutting your glass.

This is a 24 x 34 inch 1/8th inch thick PVC foam style yoga mat with a tacky surface (note we do NOT recommend 1/4th inch mats as the extra cushion reduces stability). Available elsewhere, we provide pre-cut mats here for your convenience. Get the most out of your Versaguide Adjustable Speedguide Glass Scoring System.

Here's where this scoring mat shines:

Ease of setup - just roll it out and within minutes it lays flat. Other options may take ages or never lie completely flat.

Perfect amount of tack - Press down and the glass sticks in place so you can score without fear of movement. Let up and your glass can be moved across the surface. Tiny glass shards and slivers are easy to sweep or brush into a dustbin. Other options tend to be specialists: either too slippery, or too tacky, both of which come with problems.

Easy to Clean - See above

No Strong Odor - Rubber mats have that strong rubber tire smell that never quite goes away.

Price - This type of yoga mat is the most affordable of all the materials we've found.

Durability - We've continuously used one of these for 7 years before refreshing due to general dingy appearance, but still perfectly functional. But take care not to cut non-glass materials on this mat with a razor or other sharp tool. If you need to do that often, we recommend putting a self healing cutting mat under your glass scoring mat. Then just quickly put the scoring mat aside when you need to cut other materials.

Cutting full sheets of glass? We recommend buying two and taping them together on the underside. Alternatively, buy a whole yoga mat and cut to whatever size you like.

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