Versaguide - Adjustable Speedguide Glass Cutting System

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Accelerate your creativity with a versatile glass cutting system that is fast, easy, and portable.

New! Check out the Space Keys and Angle Stops accessories for the Versaguide!

Get Started!
    • The Versaguide (Patent Pending) is so intuitive it can be assembled and learned to use in minutes.
    • No learning curve: Angle, Lock and Score!
    • Become a Versaguide master in minutes with our in-depth tutorial page
    • View video assembly instructions below:


  • Cut repeated shapes up to 10X faster than other systems - so you can stay in your creative flow
  • Multiple straightedges rotate together so you can measure once and cut twice(or twelve times!)
  • Angle all parts with the twist of a single knob
  • Set up templates (coming soon) to quickly recreate past projects again and again
  • Cut squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, rhomboids, hexagons and more
  • Apply innovative attachments for curves and circle cutting(coming soon)
  • Adjust, add, or remove straightedges as needed
  • Achieve any angle with multiple straightedges at once


  • Minimal footprint and lightweight portability make it easy to work anywhere - bring the tool to your project, not the other way around
  • Setup and remove from table in seconds - great for studios with limited space
  • Works on any flat surface - We highly recommend a 1/8th inch yoga mat


  • VG12 Standard Versaguide - Accomodates 12 x 48 inch glass. Most portable and easiest to use.
  • VG21 Large Versaguide - Accomodates 21 x 48 inch glass. Great for half and full sheets of Bullseye Glass.
  • VG24 Extra Large Versaguide - Accomodates 24 x 48 inch glass. Can handle full 24x24 inch sheets like Spectrum Oceanside and Bullseye Tekta.
  • VGCOMBO Combo Versaguide - Includes parts to switch between Standard and Extra Large Versaguide as needed. Best Value!
  • Super lightweight, high strength, aircraft grade aluminum
  • Smooth, gliding action
  • Easy twisting knobs lock Versaguide in place with minimal effort


Superior tool for:

  • Repeated shapes: squares, rectangles, strips, triangles, diamonds, rhomboids, hexagons
  • Geometric stained glass
  • Strip assembly fusing projects
  • Mosaic work
  • Production work: set up templates to quickly recreate your projects again and again

Limited Lifetime Warranty in North America:


Versaguide Video Tutorials

Versaguide Tutorial #1 - Getting Started

Versaguide Tutorial #2 - Cutting Thinner Strips

Versaguide Tutorial #3 - Cutting Squares

Versaguide Tutorial #4 - Cutting Triangles

Tutorial #5 - Cutting Small Glass Shapes: One Inch Squares and Right Isosceles Triangles

Tutorial #6 - Cutting Glass Equilateral Triangles, Hexagons, and Diamonds with the Versaguide (Download the Cheat Sheet by Clicking Here!)

Angle Stops - Accessory for the Versaguide

Space Keys - Accessory for the Versaguide



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