Versaguide Accessories - Adjustable Rubber Fingers

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Pack of 7 Versaguide Adjustable Rubber Fingers.

Versaguide Adjustable Rubber Fingers give you an extra hand by helping to stabilize and hold down your glass, even when working on a slippery surface. Install through the bottom of the attachment holes on your Versaguide straightedges. To lengthen, push down from the top while holding the rubber ring on the bottom side. To shorten, place over your glass and simply push down on your Versaguide. These two quick steps together will adjust the Rubber Fingers to any thickness of glass.

For best results, we also recommend using a non-slip base mat, like a 1/8th inch Yoga mat, under your glass.

To learn more about our Versaguide glass scoring tools, click here for the Versaguide tutorial and videos.



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