Angle Stops - accessory for Versaguide Glass Cutting System

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Adjust Versaguide angles up to 10x faster with Angle Stops! The new Angle Stop accessories let you quickly and accurately set your Versaguide to the most common angles – 90, 45, 60, and 75 degrees. Angle Stops also function as standalone glass scoring guides!

Download or print a PDF of these instructions here: [PDF PRINTABLE]

Simple to use: Choose your preferred angle and orient the correctly marked corner downward, then hold the thick side of the Angle Stop flush against the Lock Bar straightedge, and push the thinner side against the inside of the bottom rail. When both sides of the Angle Stop are flush against the Versaguide, you know it is accurately set!


  • Be sure to slightly loosen the Lock knob with the hex key before you begin, and remember to tighten once your angle is set. Firmly press the Versaguide down against the scoring mat while tightening to keep the angle from moving.
  • To set your Versaguide from a wide to an acute angle – like going from 90° to 60° - first squeeze the thick side of the Angle Stop against the Lock Bar straightedge and slide toward the bottom rail as you gently push the Versaguide to the right until the bottom of the Angle Stop is flush with the bottom rail of the Versaguide.
  • To set from an acute angle to a wider angle – like going from 45° to 90° - begin by squeezing the Angle Stop flush against the bottom rail while gently pushing the Versaguide until the Lock Bar straightedge is flush against the thick part of the Angle Stop.

  • Angle Stops are great for quickly scoring smaller pieces of glass when you only need to make a single score.  Use like a t-square or speed square, with the thick edge of the Angle Stop pressed against an outside edge of your glass. You can score along both the inside or outside edges of your Angle Stop.  The angles correspond to the number nearest each corner.



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