Precut Clear Fusible COE 96 Glass Snowflakes, Set of 3 - 3 Different Designs, 2 Sizes Available

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Introducing our COE 96 clear fusible glass snowflakes. Each kit contains three snowflakes of the same design, with three different designs and two different sizes to choose from. Comes in 1.5" tall and 3" tall sizes.

Perfect for artists of all levels, these snowflakes can serve as a base to decorate, or as versatile design elements on their own in a larger piece. Don't forget to hang your new ornaments using our new fusible glass bails (coming soon for COE 96)!

Don't miss the chance to infuse your glass art with the enchanting beauty of winter — our fusible glass snowflakes are a must-have for artists seeking to capture the delicate essence of the season.



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