Space Keys - accessory for Versaguide Glass Cutting System

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Adjust Versaguide spacing up to 10X faster with Space Keys! The new Space Keys accessories help you accurately and easily set spacing between straightedges to the most common increments. With over 25 commonly used measurements including a special key for 60 degree shapes like hexagons, diamonds and equilateral triangles, Space Keys will get you scoring faster. Simply place the keys on top of your Versaguide and snap the straightedges into place!

Download or print a PDF of these instructions here: [PDF PRINTABLE]

How to use:

Before setting spacing, always make sure the Versaguide angle is set at 90 degrees.

To begin, choose your desired increment Space Key. Fit the first notch of the Space Key over the Lock Bar near the Bottom Rail. Slide the straightedges to fit inside the successive notches in the key. Gently tighten the knobs on the bottom end of the straightedges.  Now, repeat this procedure on the top end of the straightedges, placing the Key over the Lock Bar near the Top Rail and sliding the straightedges into the successive notches.  Fully tighten the knobs on the top of the straightedges.  Double check the bottom side, fitting the Key over the straightedges near the Bottom Rail, and then fully tighten the bottom knobs of the straightedges.  And that’s it, you’re ready to score!


  • The closer you place the Space Keys to the Bottom and Top Rails, the more precision you can achieve.




  • Each Key allows doubling or halving your spacing.
  • For double spacing, simply fit the Space Keys over the Lock Bar, and slide the straightedges into every other notch. For even wider spacing, skip two or more notches, for example, get three or four inch spacing by skipping notches in the 1 inch Space Key.

  • For half spacing, choose a Key to space your straightedges at your desired increment and score your glass. Then, use the half increment indicator on the same key to mark the glass.  Place one of the prongs of your desired Key against the edge of your glass and mark your glass where you see the half increment indicator on your Key. Now line your Versaguide up to the mark on your glass, ensuring the wheel of your cutterhead will run directly over the mark.  Score your glass.  These scores will appear directly between your previous scores.



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