Speedguide and Versaguide Resource Hub

The workhorse that has powered our production for a decade is now available to help you minimize cutting time and stay in your creative flow. Meet the Speedguide and Versaguide, designed to maximize ease, speed, and creative freedom.

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Speedguide Scoring Tutorial (read this first):

Quickly learn the basics of scoring glass using a Speedguide or Versaguide.

Versaguide Adjustment Tutorial:

Learn how to score consistent angles on the Versaguide, move individual straightedges for custom spacing, and make tightly spaced scores.

Video Guides:

Versaguide Tutorial #1 - Getting Started

Versaguide Tutorial #2 - Cutting Thinner Strips

Versaguide Tutorial #3 - Cutting Squares

Versaguide Tutorial #4 - Cutting Triangles

Versaguide Assembly Walkthrough



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